Wednesday 30 January 2013

Two interesting facts about newborn babies

Whilst ‘surfing the net’ today, I came across two very interesting facts:

1. Scientists in Norway videoed babies who were delivered onto their mother’s tummies, and found to their astonishment that if left to their own devices, the babies used their limbs in a slow but coordinated way to crawl up and reach the breast where they then latched on and fed unaided.

2. Psychologists in America found that even newborn babies have an elementary grasp of maths and physics. They can tell the difference between one, two, three and more objects, and can also add up and take away. They may not have an abstract concept of numbers, but your baby knows how many apples should remain if, for example, one is taken away, and he will express surprise if it is wrong.

Newborn babies never cease to amaze, and further to reading the above we have a gorgeous selection of newborn baby hampers, delivered UK wide.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Have you tried the wet wipe game

Tiny Feet Hampers not only supply Mother and Baby Hampers UK wide, they also run baby shower parties within East Yorkshire.

Generating several baby orientated games and activities to keep the mum to be and guests entertained is always a challenge, however it is one that I relish!

One of my all time favourite games is the ‘wet wipe’ game.

It’s simple to set up and so much fun to play. It’s different to the nappy contents game as you get the chance to taste and smell each content before making your guess.

Before the party I found six different products to use and generously smothered one side of the wet wipe with the chosen content.

These consisted of: peanut butter, marmite, curry sauce, soy sauce, coffee, French and English mustard, branston pickle etc.

Once the wet wipe contained one content I folded them and put them individually into small sandwich bags, naming them 1-6 on the front, ready to transport to the party.

Each guest gets an answer sheet and a cotton bud, they can choose to roll the cotton bud in the contents and either smell or taste the contents of the wet wipe.

The guess is written down and contents are revealed once the last person has made their last guess.

Everyone can join in the fun and it’s certainly cost effective.

Hope you have as much as I do watching everyone sample the delights of the wet wipe.

Each baby shower party includes a Tiny Feet Mother and Baby Hamper, we cater for baby boy, baby girl and unisex gifts for newborn and Mum.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Gifts for Mum expecting a baby girl

It can be time consuming and frustrating when you're trying to find a special gift which shows how much you care about the newborn and proud mum without spending a fortune.

Baby Boy gifts and Baby Girl Gifts  that also spoiled the special Mum seemed to be non existent.

Following the celebration of four gorgeous nephews and one beautiful niece, I decided that I was better off assembling my own gift for both my sister and sister-in-law and their newborn babies.

It was exciting buying bits and bobs during the pregnancy, I couldn't wait for the babies to arrive each and every time.

Although the end products where something I was very proud of, I spent far too much money on the gifts for mum and baby.

Buying just the essentials and adding a few pamper items for Mum was certainly the way forward, by the time the fifth addition to our family came along I had perfected the art of the most adorable Mother and Baby Hamper Gift.

Ideal for babyshowers or simply to treat the mum to be and bump, Tiny Feet Hampers are the easy way to shop and show how much you care.

Sunday 13 January 2013

Tiny Feet Photo Shoot

We are looking forward to our photo shoot which is scheduled for Friday with go!photo photographers.

Our website will be updated with a fresh new gallery of our beautiful baby gifts that spoil both Mother and Baby in the coming weeks.

There are three beautiful babies booked in with their proud Mums to take part in the shoot, and we are busy assembling hampers. Unisex, Baby Boy and Baby Girl hampers have taken over the house!

The photo shoot will take place in the comfort of my own home so the babies are comfortable and at ease.

go!photography are official Tiny Feet associates and provide discount vouchers for hampers purchased and delivered within the Hull area.

Make sure you keep an eye out for our gallery

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Saturday 5 January 2013

Fast UK delivery service from the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is proving to be the most reliable delivery service for dispatching Tiny Feet Hampers.

With each hamper containing newborn baby clothing, baby clothing (0-18mths), baby footwear, pamper items for the new mum to be, it's imperative that the parcel arrives in tact and promptly.

Following a few nightmare deliveries that have taken over a week to arrive, the Royal Mail service has been five star on all our hamper orders.

The adorable gifts for baby and mum, have been dispatched all around the UK, namely Milton Keynes, Halifax, London, Manchester, Coventry etc, in general only take 48hours to arrive from the time of ordering.

Fast UK delivery is a huge customer benefit from purchasing a Tiny Feet Luxury Mother and Baby Hamper.

Order online
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Thursday 3 January 2013

Hamper gifts delivered UK wide

Tiny Feet Hampers have been delivered UK wide over the last two weeks.

With orders flying out over the Christmas and New Year period, the adorable gifts for baby and Mother have been travelling far and wide.

Christmas Eve saw three orders for London celebrating beautiful baby boys.

It was all about the girls on Christmas Day in Hull. Four perfect newborn baby girls were born and both Mother & baby received the perfect gift to make Christmas extra special.

Boxing Day saw twin baby boys being born in Wales and a new addition for a family in Lincoln.

Leading up to New Years Eve, Tiny Feet dispatched newborn baby clothing, footwear and pamper items for mum in the shape of hampers to Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and Leeds.

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