Sunday 24 March 2013

Adorable baby boy footwear for baby hampers

Hampers for baby boys have been so popular that i have had to re-stock twice in one week! 

With the weather going a bit mental i’ve been fortunate enough to grab some bargains from local retail outlets.

The winter stock which is certainly still needed in this weather has been replaced with the spring stock and there have been sales galore.

I found some adorable baby boy footwear last week and as the newborn baby boys are currently being born thick and fast i bought extra pairs!

There seems to be a wider range than ever before on footwear for baby boys, where i have previously struggled i really was spoilt for choice.

Each Tiny Feet Mother and BabyHamper includes a range of baby clothing, baby items and baby footwear to celebrate the arrival of a newborn. In order to spoil the proud Mum there are pamper items and discounts from imprint Jewellers Prints Charming and a free print kit!

For more mother and baby hamper information simply visit

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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Shopping for premature baby clothing is not easy

The arrival of a baby is such a joyous occasion and something to certainly celebrate.

So, when twins arrive it’s double celebration time, right?

We got our first order for premature babies this week as a Tiny Feet customer placed an order for twin baby boys that had been born prematurely, only weighing 2lbs.

I was excited to go shopping to find some cute clothing and baby items, however finding a ‘prem’ baby clothing range was not as easy as i thought it would be, i was shocked that i had to visit a few places before finding a tiny baby range.

It must be so difficult for parents of premature babies as it is, they already have enough on their plate without having to worry where they’ll be able to locate clothes for their new babies from.

The last place i went to was the supermarket Asda, i managed to find the most adorable tiny baby items, filling the Tiny Feet Hamper with baby hats, baby bibs, baby socks, baby vests and baby grows.

So, if you need to purchase some quality baby clothing items make sure you stop at Asda!

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Saturday 2 March 2013

Competition time - win a mother and baby hamper

Tiny Feet Hampers are running a competition to win a Mother and Baby Hamper through the official facebook page.

To celebrate the newly formed partnership with PrintsCharming, we are giving away a Tiny Feet Hamper. 

The hamper gifts include baby clothing, baby items, baby footwear, pamper items for mum, discount voucher and free print kit for Prints Charming.

All you have to do to enter is simply share the post and image from Tiny Feet Hampers facebook page to your profile page. You can share the post onto as many pages as you like.
Winner announced Sunday 3rd March 2013, 10pm.

The hamper will be dispatched and delivered in time for Mother’s day! 

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Needing some inspiration for a Mother's Day gift?

Sunday the 10th of March 2013 will see the UK celebrate Mother’s Day, as we cherish those special mum’s that brought us into the world.

There is no love like the love of a mother, no love that can compare between mother and child, the bond that develops is unbreakable, generated long before the baby is even born.

For those babies born on Mother’s Day this year, we have a special gift to celebrate the arrival of the new baby and spoil that extra special mum.

What better way to show how much you care with a mother and baby hamper gift.

The mother and baby hampers are delivered UK wide and there is a FREE delivery option for orders placed for Hull deliveries on Mother’s Day.

Take a look at our official gallery page.

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