Sunday 24 February 2013

Mother's Day Hamper Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and Sunday 10th March will be upon us in no time at all.
So, do you have your Mother’s Day gift all sorted?

If you are anything like me, probably not.

When a new baby is born it's a magical celebration and sometimes chocolates and flowers don’t seem to be enough to show the new Mum how much you care.

The entire day is all about celebrating Mum’s and Tiny Feet Hampers are the ideal gift for that special mum.

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Celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby and spoiling a proud mum is a great way to show how much you really care and will certainly gain you some brownie points!

Shopping around for a gift for new baby and mum can be hard work and Tiny Feet Hampers take all the unnecessary stress away from you, by supplying and delivering luxury mother and baby hampers UK wide.

An adorable mother and baby hamper includes baby clothing from newborn babies to 2 year old, baby items, baby footwear and for the new mum a selection of pamper items, discount for Prints Charming hand craftedimprint jewellery and a free print kit.

Beautifully wrapped with ribbons, bow and hand written gift tags, these unique gifts are the ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day and show how much you really care.

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Saturday 23 February 2013

Tiny Feet Hampers join forces with Prints Charming

Tiny Feet Hampers are delighted to announce that as of March 1st 2013, we will be joining forces with imprint jewellery specialists Prints Charming.

Tiny Feet Luxury Mother and Baby Hampers currently include a range of baby clothing, baby items and cute baby footwear for the new baby, complimented by luxury pamper items for the very special mum and will now include a free imprint kit courtesy of Prints Charming.

Kathryn Caterer founder and owner of the amazing imprint jewellery business, has teamed up with Tiny Feet and will be including a free print kit in each hamper, providing proud parents with the opportunity to take up on the excellent services of Prints Charming.

Capturing hand prints, finger prints or footprints of the cherished newborn the unique imprint jewellery keeps loved ones with you at all times and memories alive forever.

Commenting on the newly formed partnership Kathryn said: “I have been looking to team up with another business for a while and after meeting Sarah, owner of the most adorable Mother and Baby Hamper Gifts,  Tiny Feet Hampers at a networking event, the products complimented each other so well, perfectly aimed at the same target audience. Including the print kits in the hampers, it gives the chance for parents to capture how tiny and perfect their newborn babies hand and footprints are.”

Owner of Tiny Feet Hampers Sarah Smith added: “I am delighted to be forging a partnership with Prints Charming, it’s a great opportunity for both businesses to work together and offer quality products and service at affordable prices. Prints Charming design and create bespoke items capturing prints of loved ones on beautifully presented pendants and jewellery and compliment the hamper gifts that Tiny Feet supply.”

You can follow both Tiny Feet and Prints Charming on facebook and twitter.

Mother and Baby Hampers, Mother and Baby Gifts, Imprint Jewellery

Monday 18 February 2013

A bouquet of flowers can mean the world to some

Valentine’s Day must be a florists Christmas Day, they must dream of loved ones being spoilt with floral arrangements throughout the day.

To be fair i have never really been a fan of flowers.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about and where most of my friends and family go weak at the knees, when they have flowers delivered or bought for them, personally, i would rather have the money.

However, Adorations Florist based in Hull, who are stockists of Tiny Feet Hampers needed a hand this Valentine’s Day and i offered to help with deliveries.

The anticipation of seeing the customer’s face light up when i presented them with their floral arrangements was heart warming.

One lady who told me she was 89years old was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness of her family and got quite emotional. I found myself getting wrapped up in the moment and chatted with her for a short while. She gazed at her flowers and commented on the beauty of them, expressing her gratitude for such a beautiful arrangement.

The impact the beautiful bouquet of flowers had on this elderly lady in particular remained with me all day.

So, have i been converted?

I have to say, thanks to Adorations Florist, yes i have.

Adorations Florist 235 Hull Road, Anlaby Common, HU4 7RY,

Tel. 01482 566577 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01482 566577      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 
Local Florist stock mother and new baby hamper gifts from tiny feet hampers

Monday 11 February 2013

New baby gifts that spoil Mum is where it started

At the same time as being overjoyed about the arrival of the newborn baby, i was also very proud of my younger sister who had a 31 hour ordeal in order for us to meet the new addition to the family.

Wanting a gift for baby and also wanting to show my sister how much i cared i started looking around for a gift that would spoil both.

This was the first niece, grandchild and i wanted to spoil her, i also wanted to make sure that my sister got a little something too, after all she had done all the hard work.

The task i set myself was almost impossible, to find a gift for the newborn and yummy mummy without having to take a bank loan out was proving to be somewhat of a challenge.

It was then when i developed the mother and baby hamper gift idea.

I thought that if i could buy a few pamper items which would be great for the new mum, and then include a couple of baby girl outfits at the same time for my beautiful baby niece i would be onto a winner.

Spending well over my original budget i assembled the gifts in a cute arrangement, but wasn't pleased with what i saw.

For the amount of money i had spent the presentation was lacking to say the least! The gift simply looked that items thrown into a hamper and a card popped on top.

Finding a pretty role of cellophane wrap i purchased pink ribbons and a gorgeous pink bow to make a more attractive gift.

The hamper originally included newborn baby clothing, baby girl items and a selection of pamper items for the proud mum. Looking at the hamper contents i wanted to fill a small gap that had seem to appear, so off i went shopping yet again.

Stumbling across that most adorable baby girl shoes i decided that they where far too cute to not purchase and happily added them the hamper in order to complete the gift.

Wrapping the gift for baby was exciting and i couldn't wait for visiting time so i could give the hamper gift to my sister and precious baby niece.

As i turned the corner to visit my sister had a few friends bedside all ready for cuddles with the new bundle of joy.

Placing the hamper down before i snatched a big kiss and cuddle with new baby, my sister was so overwhelmed with the gift. Not only was she impressed her friends couldn't stop talking about it!

The general consensus was that the cute baby girl footwear made the hamper such an adorable gift giving idea.

I was confident that there wouldn't be another gift like it at that time and there wasn't.

So, that is where it all began.....

Mother and Baby Hampers are designed to spoil both newborn and special mum. The amazing hampers that are supplied and delivered UK wide are easily purchased online at

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Thursday 7 February 2013

Mother and Baby facts

Did you know that?
A newborn baby has around 10,000 taste buds, far more than adults, they’re not just on the tongue of the baby, but on the sides, back and roof of the mouth. Eventually these extra taste buds disappear as the baby gets older.
The expectant mum has 206 bones. When babies are born, they actually have 300 bones. The newborn babies bones fuse as they grow, resulting in fewer bones as adults.
The intestines of a newborn are about 11 feet long. The length will double by the time the baby grows to adulthood.
Gifts for babies are generally bought once the newborn has arrived, with only 27% of people purchasing gifts before the baby is actually born.
Tiny Feet Hampers provide the perfect gift for newborn and yummy mummy, simply visit us at for more information.

Mother and Baby Girl gifts, baby hampers

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Twitter support invaluable

Since joining the world of twitter I have been astounded by the response that the general public and businesses from around the world provide.

Connecting and engaging with literally thousands of people within minutes is something I will never take for granted. 

Running a small online service providing Mother and Baby Gift Hampers, i don't have large budgets that i can afford to use for advertising.

It never ceases to amaze me how many potential customers you can reach by simply posting a tweet, and receiving a retweet is like hitting the jackpot!

I have found some of the most genuine and helpful people through connecting on twitter, nothing ever seems to be too much to ask for.

Groups and lists are created providing a fantastic platform for businesses to network and share information and opportunities with each other.

There are specific twitter accounts set up which simply want to promote you and your brand, they cost nothing, they expect nothing in return and do a wonderful job in promoting you generally all day long.

I have had the pleasure in benefiting personally from exposure due to being the highlighted business of the day, listed below are some of the best in the business and I can’t recommend them highly enough to follow and connect with:

@Purpledognet  @TeamFreddiePig  @donesearchin @ADG_IQ @udotweet

Tiny Feet can be found on twitter, we’d love to connect with you @TinyFeetHampers

Friday 1 February 2013

Vote for Kids Days Out Blog

Found online, Kids Days Out Reviews is a blog dedicated to sharing the best family days out from all corners of the UK.

With detailed reviews written by parents, for parents, the detailed blog is a fantastic platform which provides reliable and information and genuine reviews.

Reviews are about recently visited places and how the ‘day out’ was for the entire family, an informative blog that provides the reader with the actual family experience.

Tiny Feet Hampers sponsor the online blog and are proud to confirm that they have now been nominated for an award.

Recognised for in-depth and honest reviews on days out, Kids Days out Blog have been  deservedly nominated for Best Family Travel Blog at the MadBlogAwards. 

This will be MadBlogAwards fourth annual Mum and Dad Blog Awards, which is in association with

This year witnessed more than 100,000 nominations and votes received in the UK’s biggest and best awards for Mum and Dad blogs.

Please take just a few moments to vote by clicking here.

You can follow the progress of the nominations via twitter @DaysOutBlog

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